Jean-Luc Godard, Anything goes….

In reading Godard’s interview, he mentions how in A bout de souffle was able to procure a lot of creative control. For example, Godard said “Anything people did could be integrated in the film. I think in part, Godard is able to gain this ability because of the circumstances of the wartime. During the 1920’s and 30’s, French production consisted of small firms. There was so much corruption and mismanagement going on at the time that major companies like Pathe-Natan ran into problems and had to be broken into smaller firms. These unfortunate events allowed, perhaps, many smaller firms to compete more with larger firms. Small film companies in French film production were able to make so many enduring films, during the 1930’s, because they were decentralized in structure. Thus, directors, like Godard, were able to work on their own, supervising many phases of production. When I read that Godard preferred low-budget films over well-paid production projects, I was bewildered only because most directors whom worked briefly in France went on to obtain careers in Hollywood where Major studios had no problem overpaying for production. I was almost certain that Godard would follow this pattern of leaving low-budgets films for major production projects in Hollywood during the war.

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  1.   btrachtenberg100 on May 11th, 2010

    I can’t imagine that a director like Godard would want to ever go to Hollywood. There is a very rewarding feeling to making an independent film, part of which arises from the struggle, but is rewarded through freedom. Also, his style would probably not have been accepted by the studio system back then which still relied heavily on the traditional continuity style of editing. Also i would imagine that Godard had a strong sense of nationalistic pride that was intrinsicly tied to his films. He probably would have condidered the transition to America a betrayal to the New Wave that originated in his home land.

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